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Come and See Lent Course

About Come and See

Life is very difficult in this time of pandemic. Many people are asking deep questions of faith. They’re wondering about their purpose, the meaning of life... asking questions of eternity and suffering and hope.


How can we get through the months ahead? What will the world be like after COVID? Where can we find the inspiration and strength to rebuild? What will help our children and families to stay together? Where can we find truth and a foundation for living and a future? How can we break down the isolation in our communities, so they are places of friendship not fear?



Through the lockdown, many people have begun to look at Christian
faith and to look to the church. It’s said that up to 1 in 5 of our online congregations were not regular worshippers before COVID. They need to be offered an opportunity to explore the faith.

At the very beginning of
John’s gospel, there’s a
story about two people who see Jesus in
the distance and start to walk behind him. They’re hesitant and they don’t push themselves forward. But Jesus turns around and says to them:

“What are you looking for?”

They say to him: “Teacher, where are you staying?”

Jesus says, “Come and see”.

There was nothing coercive about the way he engaged with them - only a gentle, gracious invitation to come and see, to hang out and find out more.


“What are you looking for?”

They say to him: “Teacher, where are you staying?”

Jesus says, “Come and see”.

And it’s a warm, open invitation. If you were to meet Jesus today, he might ask you the same question: “What are you looking for?” What are your deepest needs, your deepest questions? And then he might say ‘come and see, just take the next step, why not look a bit closer?... walk with me and let’s start a new adventure together in faith and trust.’


Five sessions

Session 1: I Believe in God, Father Almighty

Session 2: I Believe in Jesus Christ
Session 3: He was crucified, died and rose again ...

Session 4: I Believe in the Holy Spirit

Session 5: The Church and the forgiveness of sins

Starting on Monday February 22nd, St Mary's will be offering the opportunity to be part of a Lent group to explore the Creed. 

The Sessions are avaialble via Zoom, so if you want to join, please do email one of our Ministry Team who will be able to send you further details.

The weekly sessions are as follows

Monday 22nd Feb, Mon 1st March, Mon 8th March, Mon 15th March, Mon 22nd March.

Tuesday 23rd Feb, Tues 2nd March, Thurs 11th March, Tues 16th March, Thurs 25th March.

Friday 26th Feb, Fri 5th March, Fri 12th March, Fri 19th March, Fri 26th March. 

Ministry team Contacts for further details