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Meet the Author Dr Matthew Craske

Monday, 20 June 2022 19:00 - 20:15
St Mary's Church, Horse Fair, Banbury OX16 0AA
Sarah Bourne

Dr Matthew Craske is an art historian at Oxford Brookes University.  He is art adviser to the Church of England’s Diocese of Oxford.  He received his PhD in 1992 from University College, London for a thesis titled, "The London trade in monumental sculpture and the imagery of the family in monumental art, 1720-1760".  This resulted in a book published by Yale University Press called “The Silent Rhetoric of the Body” in which he examines18th century British funeral monuments, the people who commissioned them and the people they commemorated.   

On this occasion, he will be talking about the journey involved in writing his latest book, called “Joseph Wright of Derby, Painter of Darkness” and highlighting some key points in the book.  In this long-awaited book, Matthew Craske adopts a fresh approach to Wright, which takes seriously contemporary reports of his melancholia and nervous disposition, and goes on to question accepted understandings of the artist.  Wine available from the pop up bar throughout the evening.

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